People having issues with not getting OTP & SMS service जाने क्या है पूरा मामला?

For the next seven days, there will be no problem with getting OTP & SMS services. From the last Monday, the Bank to Aadhar card people were facing the OTP base services issues because it wasn’t working the same anymore.

OTP & SMS issue

OTP & SMS services: People were facing to use this service because the Telecom regulator TRAI has introduced a new DLT system to prevent fraud SMS because in these days there are so many people who are involved in the fishing fraud thing. And this is a huge problem people are facing so many difficulties because of it.

OTP problem from 8 March 2021

Since 8 March, many people have had to deal with the difficulty in getting OTP. Because of the new regulation in the SMS service, SMS from banks, e-commerce, and other companies was getting delayed. This new rule of SMS notification is to prevent fraud. But with this regulation users are having problems.

The Telecom regulator TRAI was ordered in the last month by the Delhi High Court to immediately stop such fake SMS because the users are having trouble and get caught in the bluff. And because of this order the Telecom regulator TRAI introduced this new DLT service. In this service, the SMS headers will be filtered because the SMSs have unique IDs by which the commercial text messages are sent. And there is one more thing about this new regulation that the currently unregistered SMS has been completely blocked.

In the new DLT service, every content of every SMS will be filtered and verified before sending to the other user. This entire process is known as scrubbing. This system is implemented on Monday 8 March, but it was tried to implement several times before too but that time it did not work out well.

The Telecom companies use blockchain-based solutions to prevent fraud SMS. The telecom company is telling their systems to be correct so that every SMS can be filtered so they can prevent the SMS traffic which is happening because the regulator accepts the standard. According to the Economic Times, TRAI is a leading telemarketing company. Some companies who were angry because of this new regulation because of this new DLT system their customers were facing trouble and that’s affecting the business of their companies.

If you want to know more about the new regulation you can go on the Telecom company official website


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